There are all sorts of great android apps we can use when heading away on a family road-trip, some might be for finding our way (who uses maps now anyway?) some might be for entertaining the kids for long journeys. Here we’ve put together a list of the best family apps for those long road trips, so enjoy! Hopefully you’ll find them as useful as we did.

10 Android Apps for Family Road Trips

1. Hotels Near Me


Great for: Finding a hotel nearby if you’re in a rush. Sometimes we don’t have time to book a hotel (your car might have broken down or perhaps your flight is delayed) and we need to find a hotel nearby relatively quickly. This app is great for that and is free too, so you don’t have to worry about finding somewhere to sleep.

2. Where


Image credit: bestapps

Kind of similar to “Hotels Near Me” but with much more variety of things to find. You can locate your nearest pub, restaurant or cafĂ© – or even your nearest public toilet. It’s something that will come in very handy with young children – as means you needn’t stop and ask strangers along the way. It saves you the time of all that!

3. Trip Journal

(under £2)

Image credit: androidtapp

This great little app lets you record your progress by taking your GPS co-ordinates as you travel. You can upload photographs to the travel diary and you can upload videos too. It’s a lovely thing for the kids to get involved with as it allows them to feel excited and involved in the driving process and the vacation.

4. TripIt

(from free)

Image credit: TripIt (Developer)

TripIt is a fantastic app that organizes all your travel plans into a sensible itinerary that you can then follow. Everyone knows that travelling with kids can get a little hectic, so having some help with your itinerary is usually gratefully received to say the least! Right from finding alternative travel arrangements to adding maps and notes – this app seems to cover the lot!

5. Weatherbug Elite

(under £2)

Image credit: Androidthemes

This great little app gives you very reliable weather information based on your GPS location. Perfect for those road trips when you want to put the top down on the convertible (but you’re not sure if it might rain!)

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6. WikiTude


Image credit: App Market

Wikitude is the perfect app for getting information on the go. One of the downsides to long family car journeys is that kids can get pretty bored very quickly. With WikiTude you can use your phones camera to get access to information from Wikipedia based on whatever you’re looking at. Perfect for teaching the kids some new things en route to your destination.

7. Transzilla


If you happen to be travelling abroad, then time in the car can give you a great opportunity to teach the kids some of the local language. With an app like Transzilla this becomes both fun and easy. Simply speak into the phones microphone and this handy app returns the translation in the language of your choice.

8. WorldMate


Image credit: androidtapp

Similar to TripIt, WorldMate helps you to organise every aspect of your trip. This is particularly handy when travelling with the family as saves the need for paperwork and extra hassle. Once you’ve installed the app, simply forward all your confirmation emails and details to your account. Easy!

9. Bingo Road Trip


This app will keep your kids on the look-out for different items, places, road signs and animals through the road trip journey. It’s a great game for all the family too as you can all play together. This is definitely the option for the families who like to keep their journeys social and fun.

10. EveryTrail


Image credit: Appnoodle

Have you ever got to that point in a road trip when all you want to do is stretch your legs and go for a bit of a walk? With EveryTrail you can search for walks near your location, giving you a choice of walks near you. With this app you’ll never have to make do with stopping in a grotty layby again!