One of the toughest problems of all blog owners is comment spam. People usually spam comments in order to get a free backlink to their own blogs and websites. But, usually these comments are useless and don’t add to the conversation at all. It’s instances such as this when the blog owner gets frustrated and may even turn off comments permanently. However, there are plenty of plugins that you could use in order to get rid of all kinds of comment spam. Let’s take a look at the top 4 Wordpress plugins to fight comment spam

Top 4 WordPress Plugins to Fight Comment Spam

Top 4 Wordpress Plugins to Fight Comment Spam

Akismet Comment Spam Plugin

Usually this plugin is installed on all Wordpress blogs by default. But, if at all you don’t have it for some reason, you could always download it from the Wordpress website and get a key so as to activate it. It’s a smart WordPress plugin and studies the kind of comments that you receive. It compares known spam comment styles with that of the ones you’re receiving on your blog.

If at all a user posts a spam comment, the plugin automatically separates it and put it into your moderation queue. It learns from its mistakes; so, if at all in the beginning a perfect comment is marked as spam, don’t get irritated.

Wordpress ReCaptcha

This is one of the best ways to prevent bots from posting spam on your blog. But, real users would still be able to post whatever they please. However, a huge chunk of the spam on blogs worldwide is through automated blogs.
When you use this plugin the users would be shown two images whose code they need to enter. The bots can’t read it and hence there’s no way they can breach the system.

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AVH First Defense

This plugin works in a different way; it compares the commenters IP addresses with those of identified spammers. This is a great way to stop a lot of spam, but there are plenty of spammers who just use Proxy IP’s

Cookies for Comments

This is a great way to detect spam and probably one of the best against bots. Rather than trying to determine whether a comment is spam or not, this plugin just checks the cookies on the users computers. If at all the visit is recognized it allows the person to leave a comment.

Even though this is a great way to defeat spam from bots, it’s not ideal in cases wherein you would have to deal with scam from real people.

There are plenty of other useful Wordpress plugins that work to deal with spam; but, the basic functioning is pretty much the same and most of them use captcha recognition to deal with bots. But, the real problem is people who seek out individual blogs and leave a lot of spammy comments.

Moreover, these plugins just dump all the comments into your moderation queue, so it’s going to be a lot of work every time you log into your dashboard.