Whether it is for exercise or for commuting, there are a number of things that can be done to make a more enjoyable ride. Every rider will have different needs and preferences, but the following gadgets are some of the top choices that are sure to improve any ride.

5 Must Have Bike Gadgets to Make an Enjoyable Ride

Cycle Computer

Everybody likes to stay informed with data and statistics. With a cycle computer, a person can see information such as speed, distance, heat rate and more. The computers vary greatly in price and features, so it is a matter of finding one that has all of the desired attributes. They mount quickly and come with a wired or wireless sensor for the tyres. Advanced models will have the ability to upload the data to the internet or a smartphone and special sensors on the body are used to monitor heart rate, pulse and more.

Lights and Signals

Being safe and seen on the road is important. This is especially true for bike commuters and anybody that rides at night or in low-light conditions. The right set of bike lights and signals will surely help in this. Automobile drivers do not always see cyclists. Bright lights and turn signals will certainly change this. Many lighting systems utilize rechargeable battery packs and can generally last quite a while on a decent charge.

Shoes and Pedals

Even a person that is on a leisurely ride will notice and appreciate the difference a proper pair of shoes and pedals will make. By utilizing clipless or clipped pedals, the foot is positioned properly on the pedal and a person has a more efficient stroke. Once a person rides with a shoe and pedal system, he will not want to go without.

Music Options

Music can motivate a person on a workout or can help to relax someone taking a leisure ride. Having the right headphones or speakers can make all of the difference. If headphones are going to worn, they need to fit snugly and properly. Having to adjust these while riding is a safety hazard. If wearing headphones blocks out too much of the outside road noise, there are speakers that can be mounted on the handlebar of the bicycle.

Mobile Phone Holder

Finally, there are sure to be times when it is important to have the mobile phone within easy reach. This is true for commuters or the person that uses their mobile to play music or track their ride with GPS features. A mobile phone holder keeps the phone securely on the bike handlebars. This makes things convenient, but a person still should pull to the side of the road or trail when taking a phone call.

Whether it is for sport, leisure or commuting, bicycling can be made more enjoyable by these different gadgets.

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