Earlier I have posted about how to backup your tweets and Twitter archivebacking up your Facebook dataInstagram images, Blogger blog and Google Plus account data on your computer. It is a good thing that now all major social media sites are giving you the facility for backing up your social media profiles and data on your computer.

But unfortunately, this is not the case with the email services. That means, they do not provide the facility to have backup of your emails. But we all know that there is an app available for nearly everything. You can do that easily by using a simple and effective software in just few easy steps.

Just follow the steps given below to backup your emails on your computer or a USB drive.

HOW TO : Download and Backup Emails on Your Computer and USB Pen Drive

1. Go to mailstore.com and click on the "Free Email Archiving" link.

2. Download the software and install it on your computer

3. Open it after installation and click on the "Archive Email" link.

4. Select the type of email account from the dropdown menu which you would like to backup on your computer. Alternatively, just type the full email address in the given box and click on the Start button.

MailStore supports IMAP or POP3 for email archiving. So, you can use all major email services and client like Gmail, Yahoomail, Thunderbird, Outlook, Microsoft Exchange etc.

5. Provide the login credentials to your email account. Once the configuration settings are detected for your email account, you will get a notification.

Tip : If you are having a very huge inbox and you want to download only new emails then, you can specify criteria to skip the emails older than a particular duration. You can also backup the specific folders of your mailbox including the Spam and Junk folders.

For this, click on the email account in the "Saved Profile" to select it and then click on the "Properties". Now click on the Next button. In the new window, you will be get the options to select specific folders or time period to have backup of your emails. You will get this option in the very beginning if you select your email client from the dropdown menu.

6. Double Click on your email account in the Saved Profile section to start archiving.

7. MailStore will start archiving emails from your selected email accounts to at one central location on your computer and will notify you once it is completed.

HOW TO : Download and Read All Your Emails Offline on Your Computer

Now, you can read all your archived emails by opening the MailStore app on your computer and selecting the archived email account (My Archive) from the left sidebar. You can even use the search box to search all your email accounts from one place.

You can even copy the MailStore folder to your computer HDD or USB drive. For that, all you have to do is to click on the "Backup to HDD or USB" and select the preferred drive to have the backup of all your emails on your computer or USB pen drive.

You can restore all these emails saved on your HDD or USB drive later. And the best thing is that this feature is really useful if you are having emails on different computers and you want to access all of them at one place.

You can also use it to search all your emails at one place or to read your emails offline on your computer.