Have you ever been cyberbullied? If not, consider yourself lucky. About 40 percent of today’s kids say someone has been mean to them online at least once. In fact, one million American children were subject to cyberbullying in 2011 alone.

Cyberbullying ranges from harassment, trickery, denigration and even cyberstalking. Despite the widespread presence and severity of cyberbullying, today’s kids don’t quite “get it.” Only 38 percent of children say they’ve considered the effects cyberbullying could have on victims. And more than half think there’s no harm in posting photos or videos of themselves online.

It’s a scary cyber-world out there for kids, and perhaps even scarier for parents. What can a parent do protect their children from the dangers of the online world?

First, you should know how your children are using technology: Are they texting, using social networks, chatting – and with whom? Watch for signs that your child is being cyberbullied, and show them how to block bullies on their phones and social networking profiles. A blocked cyberbully is like an attacker without a weapon. Get more facts on cyberbullying and find out how you can help protect your kids – check out the infographic below!

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