Social media is an amazing phenomenon. It started off as a way to connect people to their friends online. But in just a few years it has become a ready made platform on which anyone can get their voice heard by millions of people. And businesses have finally started to take notice.

Any place where you can get your message out to millions is a marketer’s dream, so social media is the perfect place for companies to get in touch with their customers. But does it work the other way round? You would think that the direct line of communication that you can find on social media would make it the best way to address a company with your concerns, right?

The surprising evidence suggests that the the answer is "No". Most companies do not reply to complaints made on social media, and you can understand why they do not want to publicize complaints that people have made.

For some of the statistics, check out this infographic designed by PeopleClaim is an online alternative dispute resolution website allowing you to resolve your dispute with a company without having to go through expensive legal systems.

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Why Social Media Is Not the Best Place to Complain (Infographic)
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