Phone, cable, and internet bills can cause a serious dent in your wallet when purchased individually. In addition to juggling multiple providers, you’ll usually be charged above market prices for average or sub-standard service. Sounds like a lousy deal, right?

Fortunately in the last decade the “bundling” trend has garnered the attention of prominent digital providers. So now, instead of paying for these plans on an a la carte basis, you can enjoy the convenience of getting everything you need in one all-inclusive package—generally at a lower rate. In line with this shift, major players like Xfinity, Verizon, and Dish have rolled out promotions to attract new customers while simultaneously retaining their current subscribership.

Enter your zip code at to check which promotions are available in your coverage area. Still not convinced? Here are the top reasons why bundling your digital services may result in significant savings.
HOW TO : Find the Best Internet Deals

HOW TO : Select the Best Internet Deals


Households who are considering a bundle should first determine exactly how much they spend per month on digital services. Once you’ve gauged the feasibility of switching, ask yourself what types of features you’d like in an Internet package deal. For example, do you require basic phone service, or a fast internet speed? What about your favorite shows? Are they only available on certain channels? Keep these factors in mind before making your choice.

Also be aware that some bundles have additional fees and charges, so be sure to read all the terms and clauses. With that said, it is possible to negotiate with the carrier if one of the bundles you’re considering doesn’t include all the features you’d like. Experts suggest using a competitor’s rate as a bargaining chip to lower the advertised price or at the very least, get some bonuses (i.e. 2013 NFL Sunday Ticket, HBO, Starz).

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Do you have a membership with the American Auto Association (AAA)? How about the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP)? Well, I bet you didn’t know that these affiliations, in addition to student and professional clubs, permit eligibility to extra discounts and rewards. Simply ask the provider if these savings can be applied to your bundle to reduce your bill even more. The specific organizations can also provide you with a list of companies who dish out these discounts. It’s up to you to scour for savings!


Convenience is a selling point in any purchase, so what could be better than consolidating three separate bills into one? Opting for a bundle allows you to just pay one bill for your cable, internet, and phone service as opposed to multiple. Not to mention reducing the hassle of managing several companies if you need a service installed.

Bundling is by far one of the best options for individuals paying for television, internet, and phone services at a premium price. Cut your costs immediately by exploring the options at your disposal—all it takes is a bit of comparison shopping.