In this modern age, it seems like no one has time to spare. People work long hours and are increasingly expected to be reachable at any moment; so it comes as no surprise that we are constantly connected to our devices. If it isn’t work, we’re posting to social media, playing games, or chatting with friends. Most people don’t put their devices down even to go the bathroom. An infographic put together by Magazine Discount Center reveals that 75% of Americans have admitted to taking their phones with them when they use the bathroom, and 24% of that number admitted that they won’t go to the bathroom without their phone.

Are you a secret bathroom talker or texter? So not only are people checking their email and playing with apps; but they are also making and taking phone calls, which is a serious social no-no. Many people find this to be rude to hear people on the phone while they are taking care of business; and it also can be extremely embarrassing to hear the noise of a flushing toilet in the background.

And whether you are or are not guilty of the following, it’s important to keep in mind that using phones in the bathroom can also have some gross repercussions, along with social ones. Yes, I’m talking about that awful moment when your phone falls in the toilet. Not only is the phone ruined, but in can bring in bacteria too! 16% of cell phones are projected to have fecal material on them from just visits to the bathroom. So if you are one of the many that enjoy texting on the toilet, please remember to first check your pockets before you lose your phone; and most definitely wash your hands, and clean off your cell phone.

Naturally, toilet entertainment is not new to the digital age, 63% of people are reading physical materials, like magazines and books while they’re in the bathroom. Magazines are the most commonly read materials, which makes sense considering articles are quick reads and don’t require deep analysis like books might. So what exactly is everyone up to? Check out this awesome infographic about bathroom reading to find out more, and see for yourself!

Why You Need to Stop Taking Your Phone to the Bathroom (Infographic)

Why You Need to Stop Taking Your Phone to Bathroom (Infographic) -
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