Read Receipts are a great feature and that is why, most of the IM services and even Facebook and Microsoft Outlook provides this amazing feature. It let you know when your message has been read by the recipients. But though you would love to know about the status of your message, you may not want other people to know if you have read their messages or not for various reasons.

Due to this, it is nice to turn off the read receipts in any kind of messaging service. That is why, earlier I have shared how you can turn off the read receipts in Facebook Messages and how to hide the Last Seen details on WhatsApp.

If you are an iPhone or iPad user then, you should be knowing that Apple iOS provides the same feature in its iMessage where users can see if their message has been read or not by the recipients. Fortunately, unlike Facebook, iOS provides the feature to turn off the read receipt in iMessages. So if you are an iMessage user who doesn't want other people know about you reading their messages or not then here is the method how to turn off the iMessage read receipt on iOS 8 on iPhone.

Note : Please keep in mind that if you were using this setting earlier on iOS 7 and recently upgraded your Apple device to iOS 8 then you will have to turn off the read receipt again on iMessage as by default, iOS 8 comes with the read receipt option as "On" for iMessage.

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HOW TO : Turn Off the iMessage Read Receipts in iOS 8 on iPhone

1. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone.

2. Tap on the Messages to open the settings related to messaging on iOS 8.

3. Now, look for the Send Read Receipts option. You will find that the slider bar is green which shows that read receipts are on your iMessage.

HOW TO : Turn Off the iMessage Read Receipts in iOS 8 on iPhone

4. Tap on the slider bar to toggle it to off as shown in the above image.

That's all. Now the iMessage read receipts are off on your iOS 8 device and the only thing sender will come to know is that the messages is delivered to you. Whether you have read it or not, this information will not be accessible to anyone until you turn on the read receipts again in iMessage manually.