The future is always closer than we think. Take the self-driving car, for example. It’s been a staple of science fiction since 1911 when ‘The Automatic Motorist’ burst onto the screen. It’s now set to burst onto our roads.

In this infographic by DonateCarUSA, we look at eight ways that our cars are already driving themselves. We also cast a glance into the very near future where luxury car brand BMW predicts that cars will be completely driverless by 2025 and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers confidently states that three-quarters of cars will be autonomous by 2040.

What stands in the way of development is not technological capability. Google has been developing its driverless cars since 2010, and they have clocked up over 700,000 accident-free miles without human intervention . The emphasis may be currently on safety features but, if you want to see cars drive themselves as well as any stunt driver could, check out this video for some thrills without any spills.

The future certainly is closer than we think: our cars are already driving themselves. Find out just how smart your car really is and how autonomous technology is much more common than you may imagine. We are no longer the only ones driving the car when we take the wheel and head out on the road.

If you’ve ever wonder how features such as automatic parking, AEB, night vision and ‘stop-start technology’ actually work, they are all driven clearly home below. If you’ve ever wondered where this is all going, and how soon it will get there, the road ahead is also mapped out. The only thing missing from this vision of the future is the driver.

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