Going out of talk time? Well, I have figured out a way in which you will get you talk time absolutely free! Wait! Before you close our site thinking we posting some kind of scam take a look first.

Last month in India Microsoft launched Bing rewards as a beta programme. We earlier wrote about it, if you missed that you can have a look on it for more details. For those who don't know, Bing Rewards is a programme where you can earn gifts by just searching with Bing.

HOW TO: Get Free Recharge Using the Bing Rewards in India

In Bing Rewards programme, when you search using Bing you get 1 point for each search and you can earn a maximum of 10 points per day. When you complete collecting 90 points or 210 points you can use them to get a free recharge of ₹30 and ₹70 respectively. The free recharge you get will be send to your mobile via FreeCharge.com;so don't worry anymore. It is a Microsoft verified process and not a regular spam you read about.

So now let's come to the point. To start earning you need to follow the steps mentioned below. You can also watch the video tutorial for more details.

HOW TO: Get Free Recharge Using the Bing Rewards in India

Step 1: Go to Bing.com.

Step 2: Log into Bing with your Microsoft account. (Note: If you don't have a Microsoft account, you will have to create one for you first)

Step 3: Now you have to go to below URL.


Step 4: Then you have to click on "Sign In" button and sign in with your Microsoft ID. Once, Signed in, you are almost done.

Step 5: Now go back to bing and search anything you like using bing. You will notice for each search your Bing Reward point increases by 1. Once you reach 90 or 210 bing points click on the number beside your profile picture (in upper right corner).

Step 6: Now fill up you details by click update profile. (Also enter your mobile number and click send OTP, Once you receive the OTP enter it and click "Save" 

Step 7: Click on "Confirm"

Step 8: And now your free charge coupon code will be shown. Copy it and once you log into free charge app tap the "+" button and now tap on "Have a freefund Code?"

Step 9: Enter the code you copied and tap on "Apply".

Step 10: No more steps you are already done. Now use your freecharge money as you like.

Hope you guys liked the tutorial. With these process you can get ₹70 freecharge balance in every 21 days which I think is not a bad deal. By doing nothing getting an additional ₹70 is always better than having nothing,

For detailed info please visit the Youtube video embed. And in any problem feel free to contact me over twitter @soumya_99.