When it comes to building a website there is no one-size-fits-all. What may work for one business may not work for another. Thus, even though WordPress is the most popular Content Management System there are also other CMS like Joomla and Drupal that you can choose from.

All of these 3 CMS are wonderful in their own right and share a few commonalities, the major being that they are free to use and open-source. They are also mobile-friendly and each has a large community support that can help you resolve any technical problem or answer any of the queries that you may have regarding your website.

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However, they do have certain differences that set them apart from each other.

WordPress, for instance, is the most easy-to-use CMS and provides you with a wide array of features that makes it easier for you to run and maintain your website. Its major USP lies in the fact that one doesn’t require an extensive knowledge of PHP and other scripts to work with this CMS. Moreover, it offers you an abundant of WordPress themes. Plus, you can add extended functionality to your website through the use of WordPress plugins.

The next popular CMS after WordPress is Joomla. This too offers you a wide range of themes and add-ons. However, unlike WordPress, to run a Joomla website you require a bit of a knowledge about PHP and other scripts. Apart from this Joomla is an easy to use CMS that comes with a lot of customization options. In addition, it is flexible, which means, you can create any type of website you want with this CMS. But, mostly, Joomla is used to create eCommerce websites and Social Networking sites.

Drupal is the third most downloaded CMS and though it is more technically advanced than WordPress or Joomla. It is also one of the toughest to work with as it requires you to be skilled in PHP, HTML, and perhaps even Python. Offering you a number of themes, add-ons and plugins, Drupal can be tricky CMS to develop and as such, if you looking for an easy to use and manage CMS than it is probably not a right platform for you.

There are more such differences between each of this CMS highlighted in the below WordPress, Joomla and Drupal infographic by the team at Capsicum Mediaworks, LLP. Thus, if you are looking for a CMS to build a website then take a look at this infographic to know which is best suited for your business.

WordPress vs Joomla vs Drupal (Infographic)

WordPress vs Joomla vs Drupal