Over the years, many video games have made us chuckle, chortle and guffaw. Only the funniest ones get to be on this list! So sit back, relax and prepare to bust-a-gut at the funniest video games ever released. Seriously, these are funny!

Top 10 Funniest Video Games of All Time

#10 – Super Smash Bros Brawl

Super Smash Bros Brawl

Super Smash Bros Brawl manages to pull off something extraordinary. No matter if you win or lose, the game is fun and full of hilarity. (C’mon, you would have to be missing your funny-bone not to crack up when Kirby drops you into his boiling caldron and shoots you into outer space?)

This classic game achieves its delightful quality with entertaining characters, colorful battlefields and silly items that you can use, like the crazy sledgehammer, which are just awesome.

One of Super Smash Bros Brawl’s best comedic features is the campaign mode known as – get ready to say this like a narrator in a bad sci-fi movie - “Subspace Emissary”. Throughout the story you will encounter many different “Emissaries” in unique and laughable ways. Fortunately this game is still available for your giddy pleasure.

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#9 – Grand Theft Auto 4 (GTA 4)

Grand Theft Auto 4 (GTA 4)

Talking about over-the-top guilty pleasures and you can’t leave out GTA 4. Many open world game developers have tried but few have succeeded in recreating the sheer hilarity that can be found when playing GTA 4 online with friends.

Seriously, Jason Statham movies, known for being over the top (think of Crank), only wish they could achieve what GTA 4 does. Here’s a game about stealing cars where suddenly you find yourself having a helicopter dogfight and getting shot down by an RPG. Not to worry, though! All is not lost – yet. As long as you’re firing your automatic weapon while you parachute to the ground to steal another car.

Few games can give you that unbelievable frenetic chaos that makes your soul cry out with joy, “Bet you can’t do that, Jason Statham.”

#8 – Mario and Luigi : Partners in Time

Released for the Nintendo DS, Mario and Luigi : Partners in Time, sends you on a priceless journey to discover Mario and Luigi’s colorful past - full of painfully funny pitfalls. What could possibly go wrong with that? Plenty! And that’s the point.

No kidding! You’ve got to get a load of Mario and Luigi’s enemies in this role playing game. Calling them hilarious would be an understatement. Think of baby versions of Bowser, Koopas and other well known characters and you’ll get a sense of where this is going.

And if that’s not funny enough, once players reach a certain level, adult Mario and Luigi meet Baby Mario and Luigi and the frenzy begins. Your head will be spinning soon enough.

#7 – The Burnout Series

The Burnout Series

While few racing games can be described as “funny”, all of the games in the Burnout series seem to do a great job of making players laugh. The latest entry in the series, Burnout Paradise, features an open world design and a robust online component that allows players to switch seamlessly between online and single-player modes.

You also have many crazy and laughable online modes to play with friends, like Road Rage, Race, Cops and Robbers, Stunt Run and my all time favorite Showtime mode where your objective is to tumble down the street crashing into as many cars as possible. Never a dull moment, but don’t use it as a driving simulator!

#6 – Need for Speed: Most Wanted

Need for Speed: Most Wanted

You wouldn’t think a racing game would belong on this list, but you’d have another think coming. The comedic aspect of this game isn’t the racing, but rather the cheesy acting you have to sit through between game play. What could be funnier than bad actors performing their shtick on a 3D background? Seriously, check it out. I can’t imagine these guys put this on their resumes, but then again everyone’s entitled to their 15 minutes of fame.

#5 – Super Mario 64

There were many things to appreciate about Super Mario 64. Like other Mario games, it had amazing level design, incredible variety and its colorful characters. And in this gamer’s opinion, it was the funniest game ever released in the Mario series. Call me crazy, but this game became even funnier when it was re-released on the Nintendo DS as Super Mario 64 DS.

The DS version featured new characters, new secrets and hilarious cloak-and-dagger side missions that were unlocked once you gained access to new characters. And this is just the beginning of the fun! Imagine secret slides, clandestine new worlds and access to a top secret star. I’d tell you more but Mario would be obligated to kill me.

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#4 – Bulletstorm


Simply put, Bulletstorm is a first person shooter game with a lot of blood, gore, action and craziness. The kind of game you don’t bring home to mother – if you know what I mean.

People who play first person shooter games, like Gears of War, often take them WAY too seriously. Bulletstorm is not that kind of game. It’s not meant to be taken seriously and if you do get too serious about it the game will own you. It has its own set of rules. All it wants you to do is rain bullets on anything and anyone. Kinda crazy, but fun as all get out! Just don’t bring your serious friends along – unless you want to see them meltdown, which might even be funnier than the game.

#3 – Portal

When Portal was released many critics raved about it and praised many of its technical achievements. However, Portal isn’t on this list because of its graphics or any of its other state-of-the-art qualities. It’s on this list because it’s one of the funniest video games ever made.

I’m not kidding! Consider the character called “Glados”. Besides being the narrator, she’s also a villain - and a helpful villain at times. Remember, confusion makes for some of the best comedy. But more so, Glados is also a giant tease - and not a bad singer either. So you’ll have to finish the game to understand what I mean.

#2 – Katamari Damacy

There are many things that make Katamari Damacy funny. Just the story alone is enough to earn it the number 2 spot on this list. If you’ve never played Katamari Damacy before, the basic gist of the game is that your daffy father (The King of the Cosmos) has accidently removed all of the stars from the sky and it’s up to you to fix his mistake.

Sounds rather dire, don’t you think? What’s funny about that? Lots! And this is where you come in. You must suspend your belief in the physical world, something you do in most video games, to hunt unlikely objects - some as big as skyscrapers - you then give to your father who then uses them to replace the missing stars. And on and on, with greater silliness, until the job is done.

#1 – Super Mario Bros

Back when Super Mario Bros was released, it was revolutionary in many ways. But, one of the things that drew players into the game more than anything else was the sheer hilarity to be found throughout. For example, remember the very first time you ground pounded a goomba? Those were the days! Or what about the first time you were introduced to the villain, Bowser? I’m quakin’ in my booties!

Even the level design in Super Mario Bros had an element of comedy. For example, how often do you get to see giant mushrooms that you can jump on and large green tubes that have man eating flowers inside.

There are many funny games out there. However, the original Super Mario Bros certainly takes the prize for the funniest game of all time!