Travelling around the world is something many of us think about doing at some point in our lives. Students are renowned for their worldwide back packing exploits, and the increasing use of the internet has opened up a whole new world; in terms of accommodation for these cash strapped youngsters wanting to experience different countries.

By registering as a member on ‘', a traveller has the opportunity to secure cheap accommodation in the form of a spare room offered up by various people around the world. It’s a very cheap and personal way of visiting a country. New York and Paris are the top destinations for couch surfers with the US being the most accommodating country compared to the UK in 5th place.

Another site, ‘Airbnb’ operates by matching available accommodation to the people who need it. The site has seen growth rocket to 65% on a month by month basis and 300,000 iPhone apps have been downloaded!

Infographic by; the online travel guide site, offering comprehensive information about the world from passionate travellers.

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How Mobile Technology is Changing Travel (Infographic)

How Mobile Technology is Changing Travel (Infographic)
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