Google+ is one of the most popular social networking site now. Though it is not as big as Facebook yet in terms of numbers but it is getting bigger and bigger every day, thanks to some amazing features of Google+ which makes it better than other competitors.

Since the social media is the new SEO and Google+ is owned by the Google, world’s most used search engine, it is really important for the webmasters and bloggers now to have a nice presence on the Google+.

It was researched and found that number of +1s on a website and number +1s on the Google+ Page of the website affects the search engine ranking. And since Google Authorship is a well known thing for the Google search results, the importance of Google+ is increasing everyday.

Here is a nice inforgraphic by which shows how you can improve the user engagement on your Google+ profile or business page.  It can also help in driving traffic to your website from the Google+. The five tips mentioned in this inforgraphic to improve the user engagement on Google+ are as follows :

1. Claim Google+ Authorship and Share Content

2. Include Great Images in the Posts You Share

3. Prompt Users with Engaging Questions

4. Use Hashtags to Make Content Quickly Searchable

5. Explore Google+ Communities and Hangouts

Check the below inforgarphic for the details of all these tips mentioned above to increase the user engagement on Google+.

How to Increase User Engagement on Google+ (Infographic)

How to Increase User Engagement on Google+ (Infographic)Wanna Embed This Infographic In Your Blog Post? Copy & Paste The Code Given