Social Media is what ruling everybody’s heart and mind today. One of the best thing about social media is that it helps us in expanding our network and connecting with the people all around the world. Social Media also let us share updates about ourselves with the whole world.

But the social media sharing is not always good as people think. You can unknowingly share lots of information with other people which you would not like to share actually. And with the rise of smartphone, people are using social media apps on their smartphone all the time. Without the proper settings, these smartphone apps can also invade your privacy.

These days, people use Facebook and FourSquare to share the location and places they are visiting. It let other people know about your location and if somebody is around, you can meet them. Though it seems a nice and fun idea, there are chances that you would like to avoid meeting someone particular at the same location.

Cloak : An Anti-Social App to Avoid People in Real Life

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Cloak is a new smartphone app, download link is given at the end of the post, which can be considered as an Anti-Social app as it let you avoid people around you. Cloak explains itself as an app to “Avoid exes, co-workers, that guy who likes to stop and chat – anyone you’d rather not run into”.

The modus operandi of Cloak is very simple. It just gather information from the social check-ins and geo-tagged posts of Instagram and FourSquare  of your social media connections and then provide it to you. Using that data you can find if there is any person nearby whom you would like to avoid meeting. You need to flag the people you want to avoid and Cloak will keep monitoring their location. If they are anywhere close to you, you will get the notification from the Cloak app.

Cloak : An Anti-Social App to Avoid People in Real Life
Right now, Cloak is available only for the iOS devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. So Android users will have to wait a bit to use this cool anti-social app. Also, it collects data only from FourSquare and Instagarm for now. So, chances are that you can still bump with a Facebook friend of yours. More social networking sites are going to be added in the future release of the Cloak for better performance.

Click Here to Download Cloak – The Antisocial App