If you are a blogger or webmaster, you should be knowing about the Google Analytics which is one of the most popular tool to get the performance report and stat of your website. Google Analytics provides important information about the performance of your website like the social reach, keywords, real time user activity, demographics and much more. You can even analyze the performance of your campaigns on it and link the Google Analytics with Adsense to understand better how your website is making money from the Adsense ads.

Due to all these features and accuracy in the website traffic stat, many advertisers prefer to have a look on the Google Analytics report of a website before considering it for the advertising and marketing purpose. Usually what people webmasters do in this scenario is to take a screenshot of the Google Analytics report and send to the advertisers. This method is effective but quite boring and plain.

Visually which is one of the most popular website for the infographics has launched a tool using which you can create a great looking infographic of Google Analytics tool of your website.This tool is easy to use and provides all the information stat like pageviews, visitor information, engagement data, social reach, SEO, social traffic and bounce rate of the website.

If you find it interesting and would like to make the infographhic of the Google Analytics report of your website then, here is the step-by-step tutorial for that.

HOW TO : Make Infographic of Your Website’s Google Analytics Report

1. Go to Visually Google Analytics Tool

2. Click on the "Login with Google" button on the left sidebar and on the next page, click on the "Accept" button to provide access of your Google Analytics account to Visually.

HOW TO : Make an Infographic of Your Website’s Google Analytics Report

3. Now, click on the "Select Your Site" and select the site of which you would like to make the Google Analytics infographic from the drop-down list as shown in the above pic.

4. After selecting your website, click on the "Create the Report" button.

5. Google Analytic report infographic will be generated instantly on the very same page and Visually will provide you multiple option in the sidebar for your infographic.

HOW TO : Make an Infographic of Your Website’s Google Analytics Report

You can publish and share the infographic on social media sites and you can also download the image or take a print of it. Visually also provides the option to automatically generate the infographic each week and send to you by email.

The only downside of this tool is that it works on the report of just one week instead of a month or user defined time interval. Still, it is a great tool for all webmasters and bloggers to show off their website's stat in an interesting way.