There are a number of reports of problems setting up file sharing between Mac and Windows 7. The problems seem to revolve around the version of Windows 7 you're using. For some reason Windows 7 Home is more temperamental about networking with a Mac!

Another issue revolves around the LM and NTLM authentication protocols. LM and NTLM responses ( a “service” that stores user password less than 15 characters in length) have been identified as a potential security risk, and have been disabled in Vista and Windows 7, so the user needs to re-enable it to share files.

For some reason it is easier to connect to Mac from Windows than it is to connect to Windows from Mac. However, once they're connected, it works both ways!

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HOW TO : Setup File Sharing Between Mac and Windows 7

HOW TO : Setup File Sharing Between Mac and Windows 7

Setting Up Your Mac to Connect to Windows 7

- Open the System Preferences and click on the “sharing” icon under “Internet & Wireless”

- Click in the checkbox that reads “File Sharing”

- To the left of your “options” button you'll see your IP address. Make a note of it.

- Then click the options button

- Check the box that reads “Share files and folders using SMB Iwindows)

- Check the Windows user's account. Click Done.

- Back at the File Sharing window,click the plus sign under the LEFT blank (shared folders) window.

- Browse and choose folders to add for sharing and click “add”

- Set read and write permissions by clicking to the right of the folder name

- Click to select user name, then click on the plus sign at the bottom of the RIGHT side pane.

- Enter login information (your user name and your password)

- Your Windows 7 computer should now be able to “see” your Mac under “network”.

If not, try right-clicking and choose “refresh” or use the F5 key and give it a few minutes.

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Setting Up Windows 7 to Connect to Mac

- This is where you need that IP address you took notes on when you were setting up the Mac.

- To get the IP address of the Windows computer, go to Start --> Accessories --> Command Prompt. Type in “ipconfig” and Enter. The screen will display several lines of text. The IP address is the series of numbers after Ipv4 Address.

- Open the Network Sharing Center. In the left side of the window, choose “Change advanced settings”

- Click to turn on sharing

- In the Home or Work Profile, click to choose network discovery (NOTE: turn this setting OFF when working in public places, such as an internet cafe)

- Enable file and printer sharing

- Choose public folder sharing. (Use these folders for shared files)

- To use media across the network, turn on media streaming

- It is recommended to leave encryption set at 128-bit

- Enable password protection in order to require a password to access shared files (this will add an extra layer of security)

- Click to allow Windows to manage homegroup connections.

Hope that you liked this tutorial about setting up file sharing between Mac and Windows computer. If you know any other trick related to Windows or Mac then feel free to share it with us in comments.