When the iPad first came out, many believed it was more of a device meant to facilitate entertainment, but for those who fell in love with its portability, it quickly became the possibility of much more. A demand for more capabilities turned into useful applications that make an iPad a viable option for the professional or amateur writer. What was once your movie player, e-book reader, music player and organizational tool is now the ultimate writing machine. However, you will not be able to achieve this straight out of the box, because you will need the following applications and add-ons for your iPad:

Must Have Gadgets and iPad Apps for Writers

1. Note Taking and Word Processing Applications

One example of this is Evernote, which is much like a simplified word processor. One of the many useful features of many note taking and word processing applications is their ability to store information across many devices by utilizing cloud technology. This means that when you save and sync your note, all devices with the application contain your note or document. If you are looking for more than one option, take a look at iA Writer and Pages as well.

2. Keyboard Cases

One of the biggest hurdles to overcome when making the iPad into a tool for the writer is its lack of off-screen keyboard. If you are a serious writer, then the on-screen keyboard is not going to suffice. There are many options, but Kensington and Zaggfolio keyboard cases allow you to turn your iPad into somewhat of a laptop or netbook of sorts.

3. Storing Research in One Application

Pocket is an application that lives up to its name by allowing you to use your iPad as a pocket for web pages you wish to save for research purposes. This is a convenient way for a writer to store their research. You could almost consider it a type of Pinterest for writers and web researchers.

4. Applications for Reading E-books and Current News

Every writer needs to remain an avid reader to refine their craft. Kindle and Nook are both available for the iPad, and if you are looking for a news application that is all-inclusive, then Flipboard is an excellent choice.

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5. Mind Mapping Application

Mind mapping is a useful tool and sometimes a necessity for writers. iThoughtsHD is an application that brings mind mapping capabilities to your iPad. Features of the application include cloud synchronization, the ability to save mind maps to a camera phone and the ability to hyperlink web pages to a mind map.

You probably have a set routine and a favorite device, or piece of modern technology you use to write, and the thought of considering another device is beyond comprehension. First, realize you are probably not alone in feeling this way. Next, consider seeking out a friend who owns an iPad or going to an Apple Store so you can try it out. You will not be able to see all of the above applications and add-ons, but you will be able to get an idea of whether the iPad could fit into your regular writing routine. There are also some other great tablets like iPad that may suit you better, so do not despair if this writing tool is not for you.

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