Lots of workplaces and educational institutions prefers to block some sites for the users. If you are at such place where some websites are blocked then, you can use Google as the proxy server to bypass this restrictions and get access to blocked website.

Google is having lots of nice services but there are also some nice undocumented Google proxy servers which Google uses for providing the content to the users. And you can also use those Google proxy servers to visit blocked website.

One of the biggest advantage of using Google proxy server is that one of them GModule proxy also let you download files, videos and other content which is usually not possible with other usual proxy sites.

HOW TO : Use Google as Proxy Server to Access Blocked Websites

HOW TO : Use Google as Proxy Server to Access Blocked Websites

Use Google Translate as Proxy Server

It is one of the most popular Google proxy as the webpages looks exactly like the original webpage until and unless domain serving the element of the page are not blocked at your workplace using WebSense etc.

To use the Google Translate as the proxy, all you need to do is to set the destination language (tl) of the translated page as the original page and set source language (sl) as any language other than the destination language.

For example, if you want to visit a website in English then set the destination language as “en” and any other language as source. Here the source language used is Arabic, so the “sl” parameter is set as “ar”. You just need to know the code used for the source and destination language.


You can use the above URL as well. Just copy and paste the above URL in the address bar of your browser and change the "www.shaanhaider.com" with the domain of your choice and also change the source and destination languages.

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Use Google Modules as Proxy

Hope that you know about Google Gadgets which Google provides users to customize their Google homepage. Gmodule.com is used to host all those gadgets and you can use it as proxy server too.


To use the Google Modules as proxy server just copy and paste the above URL and replace the domain at the end with the domain of your choice.

The best thing about Google Modules is that it also let you download various kind of files available on the webpage like the documents, audio and videos.

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Use Google Mobilizer as Proxy

You should be using Google Mobilizer few years back on your Java enabled mobile phones which were not able to load heavy webpages. Google Mobilizer was a service by Google using which you could open the webpages in mobile phone compatible format.

Though this service is no more available officially, you can still use it with country specific domains as the one used in the below example. You can use the below URL for using the Google Mobilizer as a proxy server to access the blocked sites. Do not forget the replace www.shaanhaider.com with the domain of your choice.


You can also use the VPN to avoid any restrictions on the Internet uses. Here is a list of the best free VPN services to access the blocked websites. If you know any other tricks, feel free to share them.