Has your PC slowed down a bit of late? If yes, then you are surely not taking enough care and maintenance of your Windows PC. Every machine needs maintenance and PC is no exception either. And this applies even if your PC belongs to a big brand like Dell, which you may have recently bought at amazing discount by availing Dell Promo Codes.

Below we have mentioned 10 simple and best ways to maintain your Windows PC that will keep it absolutely fit and fine for a long run. If you follow all these ten simple tips all through your life then your PC’s performance and productivity will never ever dip down. Moreover, following these tips would help in saving hell lot of money, which otherwise would be spent on repairing your computer.

Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Computer's Performance

10 Ways to Improve Your PC's Performance

Constantly Update Your Anti-Virus

An antivirus that is not updated frequently is absolutely fragile and weak antivirus that will simply bow down to those malicious malware that will eventually get crashed into your PC and do all foul play; eventually slowing down your PC.

So constantly update the database of your antivirus, preferably after every 15 days. However, it is advisable to enable "Automatic Update" option available in the setting of your antivirus software which will imply that you won’t have to manually update your antivirus each time an update is available for it.

In case if you have no antivirus on your PC, then you need to download it from antivirus company’s official website. Almost all antivirus companies run discount and voucher schemes for their products, which will help you in saving money on the maintanance of your computer.

Delete All Your Temporary Files

Do you know our PC generally has a large chunk of temporary files, which are actually completely useless and serve no propose at all. Worse this is that they eat up valuable space of our hard disk and eventually slow down our PC. So you need to get rid of them as soon as possible.

As to how to delete the temporary files from your PC, simply follow these steps :

Go to your desktop, click on the Windows ‘Start’ menu and then click on ‘Run’. Immediately a small dialogue box will open. Simply type ‘%temp%’ and press the Enter key. Immediately the temporary file folder will be opened in a new window. Now select all the files and delete them.

Download CCleaner

CCleaner is small yet effective software application that cleans up all the junk including all types of temporary files, broken shortcuts and other types of unnecessary items from your computer. It also cleans up the cache memory which helps in enhancing the Internet speed.

Using CCleaner is like giving small spoon of tonic to your PC for keeping it fit and healthy. And to top it all, CCleaner is available absolutely free on thee Internet. So, download and start using it right away.

If you want to free yourself from manually deleting the temporary files, then downloading CCleaner is surely a best option.

Delete All the Unnecessary and Unused Programs

We are quite sure that your PC has many programs that has never been used and probably will not be used at all,even in the future. So the question is what are they doing in your PC? These unused programs whose total size may be even in GBs are only gobbling up valuable memory of your PC and hence taking toll on its performance.

In case if you’re using a branded PC like Dell, HP, Lenovo etc then your PC surely has many pre-loaded programs that you do not even need. You need to straight away delete these programs right now.

For deleting the unused programs from the Windows PC, you just have to follow these simple steps :

Click on the Start or the Windows logo on your desktop or just press the Windows button on your keyboard, then click on the Control Panel option. Inside the Control Panel, you need to click on "Add or Remove Programs". You will immediately get a list of all the installed programs in your PC. Now just select all those unused and necessary programs and delete them.

Disk Defragmentation

Performing disk defragmentation task at least once in every month ensures that hard disk always performs at optimum level. Disk defragmentation is actually process of piecing together parts of files that have been broken apart over the passage of time. In other words it helps in arranging all the files and folders in proper order in hard disk memory, subsequently helping hard disk to function quickly and efficiently.

In case if you are using Windows XP then, you’ll have to manually defragment your hard disk but if you are using Windows 7 or 8 then your hard disk will be defragmented automatically at regular intervals.

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Disk Clean Up

This is another important and basic task, but unfortunately only few people practice it. Using the Disk Clean Up option on the Windows computer actually removes all the bad sectors from hard disk as well as any errors from your system files. Needles to say, more bad sectors and errors in your system files would only result in slowing down your PC. So, cleaning up your hard disk regularly is very important.

In case if you’re using Windows XP then simply right click any icon of your hard disk and go to Properties. Then click on Tools and then click on ‘Check Now’.

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Do Not Download Heavy Software or Programs

If you have downloaded a software or program that is too heavy for your PC’s configuration then, your PC is naturally going to perform slowly. Either you increase the configuration of your PC or simply stop using these heavy programs. If you chose to not to use any of those heave applications, then the best thing is to delete it from your system forever.

Remove All the Unnecessary Plug-Ins and Add-Ons from Your Browser

In case if your web browser has too many plug-in and add-ons, then you need to either delete the unnecessary ones or even better delete all of them. These web browser plug-ins and add-ons are actually burden on your computer’s memory and deleting them will ease of at least marginal, if not substantial, burden from your PC’s memory.

Ensure that Your Hard Disk is Partitioned

Tech experts have conflicting views on this. But our sincere advice is to partition your hard disk, in case if you have not done it yet. It is an acknowledged fact that PCs with partitioned hard disk performs much better than PCs with non-partitioned hard disk.

Clean Up All that Mess in Your PC Cabinet

When was the last time you had opened up your PC cabinet and cleaned it up? If never then you need to do it right away. You’ll be unpleasantly surprised to see the amount of dust and junk inside your cabinet. Remember cabinet is the body, if not heart and soul, of any PC. If there is too much of dust and junk inside it then, your PC performance certainly will not be up to the mark.