The new year has rolled in, and tech is going big already. This year we are guaranteed to see some of the biggest developments in tech history from some of the largest brand names in the world. Whether you are simply a consumer looking to see what is new and fresh for the coming months, or you are a business person looking to see if you are prepared to have your product compete in the market, these top 10 gadgets coming up in the year 2013 that are guaranteed to take the market by storm will allow you to ensure that every choice you make is the right one.

Top 10 Must Have Gadgets for 2013

Blackberry Z10

Remember the time when Blackberry was the most popular smartphone? So do we. They may have fallen off the wagon pretty quickly and very hard, but they have finally gotten back up and are out with the Blackberry Z10, a very promising looking smart phone that aims to compete with the likes of the Samsung Galaxy and the iPhone. If you never stopped loving Blackberry, then this phone may be huge. And even if you were never a BlackBerry  fan, the phone will still be huge without your support.

The Blackberry Z10 is entirely touch screen, one of the few Blackberry devices of its kind and it is also having the 4G capabilities. The main feature of this phone however is its screen; it kicks the iPhone 5’s butt. Unlike Apple, a company that has been disappointed for a while, simply offering the same product with tiny itsy bitsy and inconsequential tweaks for years, the Blackberry Z10 is all redesigned and a very unique product for a brand looking to make its place back to the top gadgets in the year 2013s.

Kindle Phone?

This is still a rumor, however it is one of the biggest rumors in some years. The Kindle Fire was rated one of the best devices of 2012, and for good reason; it took everything tablets have been doing, improved upon all the features, and stuck a very nice price tag on the package. And while we are not ones to speculate (usually), the Kindle Phone, if rumors turn out to be true, will be huge. And we are not talking about size, either.

Amazon is that company that does literally everything right. They have some of the best policies and quality control on their products out of every manufacturer. And unlike market giants Apple, Amazon has its finger on the direct pulse of the consumer, because they understand that affordability is more important than having a picture of a bitten apple on your product. And while we love Apple, there is a lot to say about a company that offers some of the biggest tech advances for budget consumers—which is why we just love Amazon that much more.

Mozilla Firefox Mobile Operating System Smartphone

Mozilla, Mozilla, Mozilla; why must you be so difficult? Mozilla Firefox is renowned as one of the top browsers, falling only slightly behind Google’s Chrome. The problem is, Mozilla Firefox has a ton of compatibility issues. Namely, you would have a better chance of your phone giving birth to a smaller, cuter phone than you would getting it to run Mozilla Firefox as a browser. Well, that is going to change apparently.

Later is always better than never, and Mozilla Firefox embodies this entirely; this year, they have announced that they are going to be wetting their toes in the cell phone market. But before you all start clapping and cheering about how long over due this is, and how great it will be, know that they have given very little info so far, and the release date, while rumored to be 2013, is not definite at all. If this does happen, it will guaranteed with out a doubt take the market by storm. But right now, all we can do is cross our fingers and hope for it.

Electronic Cigarettes

Cancer is about as appealing as cutting off your own foot with a hack saw. No one wants to suffer from cancer—it is devastating. The problem is, if you are hooked on nicotine, there is not much of a choice. Of course, you could always quite smoking, but if you simply do not feel like it, or do not have the will power to do it, then lucky for you the year 2013 is primed to be the big year for the E Cig.

An electronic cigarette is a simple nicotine cigarette that has no smoke and thus very little long term health impact—at least, so far as studies have been able to see. Relatively new to the market, these cigarette alternatives are going to be huge for one reason this year; cigs are currently closing in one, or in some cases surpassing, 9 dollars a pack.

This is a huge price increase that we have seen in the last ten years, but the fact remains that it is very realistic. The e Cig will allow you to avoid quitting smoking that much longer, and will be twice as affordable as a pack of cigs. Did we also mention that these cigs look pretty cool too? Well, they do; most light up blue and make non offensive, non odorous “smoke” as well.

Nvidia Project Shield

Compared to ten years ago, or even five years ago—heck, even four years ago—graphics are insane. PC gaming was at the top of the ladder for the longest time until game makers started cracking down big time due to pirates—and we aren’t talking about the ones with the eye patches, either. Stealing games meant a huge privacy invasion by gaming’s big dogs. But most are moving away from their previous policies for the sole fact that it lost PC gaming a ton of audience.

Nvidia Project Shield is one of those things that takes next gen gaming and sticks in in your hands. But it does it in a way never before seen—a PC gaming console the size of a small box that can play Borderlands 2 without a hitch. We have yet to see this puppy in action, but be assured gamers are going to want it yesterday.

Panasonic 4K 20 Inch Tablet

You would think this is going to be a novelty item, good for a few jokes about Apple and tablets in general, but you would be wrong; when we first saw the quality of the images and the quickness of Windows 8 on the Panasonic 4K 20 Inch Tablet, we were practically holding our jaws closed to prevent them from dropping. This tablet looks breathtaking, and not just in design. It has some of the best quality images we have ever seen in any form of portable device.

The Panasonic 4K 20 Inch Tablet is going to be huge, pun intended. This 20 inch tablet is something of a joke that when told is so good it makes you want to dig in your pocket and throw your money at the joker. For those who want a bigger screen on their tablet, you are not going to get much better than this.

The fact that this beastly tablet also has an Intel Core i7 processor powering means that it is no joke at all; it is going to run veritable circles around the iPad, the Samsung Galaxy Tabs and every other tablet on the market without even breaking a sweat.

Lenovo ThinkPad Helix

Lenovo paved the way for laptops. Now they are trying their hands at fusion or hybrid tablets. To say that this is huge is like saying that Bill Gates is rich; it is such an understatement that you can’t even fathom how little it expresses the truth of the matter. This year, the Lenovo ThinkPad Helix is going to take the tablet and laptop market by storm. With Windows 8, and some really cool features besides, you would have to blindfold yourself and stay in a room alone for eight months to miss the news that this product is going to create. We can almost honestly and very easily say that this is going to be one of the biggest sellers of the year, hands down and barre none.

The iPad Mini

All jokes about Apple aside, Apple is a great company and they make some solid products. This list would not be complete or even half complete without mention of their latest venture; the iPad Mini. With one of the only fan bases in the world big enough and dedicated enough to rival Microsoft’s fan base, Apple’s every move is huge, even if it is a blunder.

The iPad Mini is going to be a fun device, there is no doubt about that. As far as tablets go, the iPad is one of the best on the market. You may be paying some extra for a logo and street cred, but in all honesty Apple is more solid than almost any other brand out there.

The iPad Mini is going to be—you guessed it—a more manageable sized offering of the current iPad. It is something for those who do not like the current bulk of the size of the current iPad. It allows them to more easily carry their iPad around with them.

We aren’t expecting any huge tech advances from Apple with this offering, but we are offering that sound, solid quality that the company is well known for when this thing hits the shelves.

Lenovo K900

We’re going to take an easy guess and say that this is going to be the year of Lenovo. When a phone tells you it has an Intel processor inside, you know for darn sure that it is not joking around. The Lenovo K900 is going to be an answer to the iPhone and Galaxy that will not go unheard. It is going to be fast, it already looks sleek and powerful, and we can honestly say it is going to be big—it’s 5.5 inches, making it a hybrid phone and tablet also known as the Phablets.

What we really care about, though, and what we will say again is that this phone has an Intel processor inside of it. And not a little baby powered on either; it’s the newest Intel processor CPU, the CloverTrail Plus. We are very excited.

Microsoft Windows Smart Phone with Flexible OLED

You can not have a list without a few rumors on it. The Microsoft Windows Smart Phone with Flexible OLED prototype was so cool when Eric Rudder showed it off at the International Consumer Electronics Show that we could not stop staring. It is a phone that literally acts like rubber. Let’s face it; we have all dropped and broken at least one phone.

This phone will be the Gumby of phones, in that you will be able to bend and strain it and have no worries that "Oops, your screen just broke". If this is released this year, and the prototype is anything to go off of, this will be the biggest market break in history. Why? Because Microsoft will be introducing a virtually indestructible cell phone that is not a big bulky piece of plastic covered junk by a touchscreen smart phone that has all the capabilities of any of the other high end smart phones on the market. We can see this being titanic.

In fact, we can see this being bigger than titanic; we can see this being the one product released this year that will finally find Apple sued for stealing ideas, instead of constantly seeing them suing their business partners once they’ve lost use for them.