Teachers these days are in need of good laptops which can meet their unique needs. Gone are the days when every class had a projector to teach students some special lessons using it. As technology has developed, it has greatly aided them in their profession.

What a teacher must look for in a laptop are not just the ordinary provisions that come with most laptops. Teachers need to make presentations, manage class information, prepare lessons for their class, and they have a lot of other tasks that consume a lot of disk space and needs heavy processing capacities.

A laptop with just a high storage capacity is not enough to meet all their needs. They need to do more than PowerPoint presentations because they need to use innovative and creative methods to get the students’ attention and help them understand and learn the subject in an easier way. Find below the three most suitable laptops which will meet your needs as a teacher.

Best Laptops for Teachers

Best Laptops for Teachers

Apple MacBook Pro

This one comes in two sizes – a 15 inch and a 13 inch laptop with almost the same qualities. Its amazingly cool retina display helps you make your video classes more interesting for the students. There’s more to it than meets the eye.

Though it only weighs less than four pounds, it feels sturdy in your hands. Another thing you would love about Apple MacBook Pro is the speed at which the apps launch and the laptop boots. As it uses flash storage, it only takes a moment to launch the apps and open files. This will be an important thing for teachers as every moment you spend with the students is important and you can’t afford to use it on apps that won’t launch quickly. Apple MacBook Pro will help you save a lot of time as you can boot it and launch apps almost instantaneously.

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HP Pavilion TouchSmart

HP Pavilion TouchSmart is another very useful laptop that will be of great help to teachers. The display is large enough to help you use it comfortably when you give lectures to students. Even when you get up and walk around a little, you can still see the display without much difficulty.

It is thin and so you can easily carry it around. Though it is thin, it is not reflected in the keyboard. The slight flexing of the keyboard doesn’t really take away your comfortable typing experience. Also, the speakers are loud enough for a medium-sized classroom. The touchpad quickly takes up Windows 8 gestures which will be of a lot of use when you will have to switch screens and navigate through files.

Its roomy hard drive helps you store a lot of content and you won’t have to depend on an external drive to store your content. Though its battery life isn’t so great, with an additional battery, you’re good to go. The price isn’t too high for a laptop with such capabilities. It could be your best choice that will assist you well in your career as a teacher.

Samsung Chromebook Series 5

Samsung Chromebook comes with a set of wonderful features that will make your tasks easier. Its ability to store content on the cloud without using the disk helps you access your files anywhere. This justifies the 16GB SSD the laptop has.

Also, the operating system boots within seconds saving you time. This netbook has an amazing screen resolution of 1366x768 pixels for the 12-inch screen which will help you present colorful images and neat presentations with a professional touch. To make it easier for you to use the OS, the top row of the keyboard accommodates shortcut commands that work for the Chrome OS with which Samsung Chromebook Series 5 ships.

One limitation is the wobbly touchpad which would be slow to respond when you will need to double click or right click on something. However, after some days of practice, you will be able to use it comfortably. It has a card reader capable of reading SD, SDHC, and MMC cards which will let you choose one medium of storage you are comfortable with.

One drawback is the location of speakers. As the speakers are placed below the keyboard, the sound is not as great as you would want it to be. However, you can use nice portable speakers to amplify the sound and make presentations. Make the most of this laptop and enjoy your profession.

These are three of the best laptops with the capabilities that teachers require. Using creative ways of teaching is the most needed aspect of successful teaching. These laptops make it easy for you to use the creative ways of teaching you want to try. Plus, you can also be benefitted from the extensive features they present.