Smartphones offer customers several apps to help them meet their insurance needs. Smartphone users can find out how much the insurance on a new car is likely to cost or what to do if they get into an accident. However, right now smartphones don't offer apps to compare insurance prices from different insurance companies. If a user wants to get this type of information, he has to get onto a website that compares auto insurance prices. While he can still do that with his smartphone, it's a slow and laborious process when trying to navigate on a smartphone. It would would be much easier if he had an app that gave him this information.

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Car Insurance Needs a New App

Current Apps

Most smartphones offer various apps related to car insurance. You can get a quote on car insurance, though you can't get multiple quotes. You can also compare rates on different automobiles. This is helpful if you're shopping for a new car. The app will let you know the rates and monthly payments for several vehicles so that you can consider the cost of insurance when deciding whether to purchase a particular vehicle. Some of the top auto insurance companies also offer information and checklists for what to do after an accident. If you get into an accident, the app can remind you to exchange information with the other driver, take photos of the scene and call 911 if anyone has been injured.

Streamlined Websites

Although no insurance company currently offers an app that makes it easy to compare insurance rates from different companies, some companies offer streamlined versions of their websites for smartphone users. For example, Progressive Insurance offers a streamlined website to make it easier for mobile users to compare auto insurance prices through their website. However, the user would have to go to the mobile version of Progressive's website and type in information to do this, which is less convenient than loading an app with their information pre-loaded.

Types of Smartphones

Insurance companies offer insurance-related apps to the IPhone, although some insurance companies are starting to offer versions of their apps for the Android, the Blackberry and other smartphones. For an insurance comparison app to be useful, it needs to be available for the majority of smartphones so that most smartphone users can easily access it.

Benefits of App

A rate comparison app would be more convenient for smartphone users than going to the web. An app could allow users to get the information they need with only a few clicks. For example, the app could automatically download the user's current insurance rate and driving record to instantly compare prices. Users might be more likely to use an app than a website since they know the app will quickly give them the information they need and they won't have to first search for the website and then type information into it. An app could also allow users to order insurance instantly after comparing rates, which would make it easier for them to purchase insurance.

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