How do people learn in the general sense of the term? By imitating. This explains why a lot of people download phone apps that become their favorite after they find out a celebrity likes these apps. Some applications are specific for actors, which makes them rather useless for those of us with other occupations, while others are fun and easy to work with, making them a great choice for anyone. If they are free, that is all the more fun for us.

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Top Mobile Apps Which Celebrities Love

Top Mobile Apps Which Celebrities Love

Job-Specific Apps

One job-specific app is iAnnotate. This is the favorite app of Marlon Wayans of the comedy titans Wayans Bros. This app lets him read and make notes on his scripts. This is a good one for wannabe actors, of course.

Actor Neil Patrick Harris’ favorite iPhone app is Hitchcock, which lets you set up storyboards with photos you have taken. This is a good one for wannabe film directors.

Health-Related Apps

Work is not everything and celebrities have their favorite health-related apps as well. Comedian Jake Hurwitz of the sketch Jake and Amir likes iMapMyRun. This is a great one to stay in shape with, allowing you to map running routes and find running maps. The creator of, Ricky Van Veen, likes Seamless Web, which lets you order lunch no matter whether you are in a meeting or busy doing something else. When you have finished your job and get back to your office famished, the food is waiting for you on your office desk.

Comedian Lisa Lampanelli also has a food and diet-related favorite - the Weight Watchers mobile app. This app translates every calorie into points so that you know whether you have reached your personal limit for the day. This sounds pretty useful at first, but when you think about it, it is not enough to have an app that says you have eaten too much for the day and can’t have a single Oreo more until tomorrow. The motivation provided therein is insufficient.

Apps That Inspire

Adrian Grenier and film producer Peter Glatzer inform that they are developing a special phone app called AOK, an acronym for Acts of Kindness. The app is based on the acts of kindness of community members and a respective rewards system. This is a way to find other gentle, kind-hearted iPhone users near you, be grateful for their acts and observations of kindness and be inspired.

Game Apps

Angry Birds is a favorite of many celebrities. It has also won awards for the best mobile game on an iPhone. This is a favorite of video star Antoine Dodson and Damian Kulash of the band OK Go. This game is very exciting, so be sure to check it out. Angry Birds features lots of repay value, challenging castle demolition, and hours of game play.

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Apps For Digital Photography

Musical as they are, the Gregory Brothers are partial to the Ocarina app. This special iPhone feature transforms the phone into the multitask Safari web browser, an ancient flute and Hipstamatic, enabling fascinating digital photography to immortalize family and other precious moments.